Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crazy busy week!

The time has really gone fast as we have been very busy with Missionary Leadership Council.  The zone leaders come in and receive training with President Chatfield.  They also bring all their aches and pains for the mission nurse to take care of.  We spent a lot of time taking elders to different appointments.  I have the vehicles and we had a couple of vehicles that had to be repaired while they were in town.

This is the second time I have tried to post this so it will be a much shorter version.  My laptop quit working so I had to take it in to the local repair shop.  They found the problem is the touch screen is not working and causing the problems.  We bought it last year during the black friday deals.  I think the parts will be covered but we will pay for the labor.  I was trying to put pictures on the last post and that is where I lost everything.  The desktop doesn't have a slot for our camera disk so pictures will have to wait.

We were reading the Colemans blog who are serving in Cameroon and they were pointing out some of the cultural differences in Africa.  The observations were consistent with Uganda.  For instance, some of the men hold hands as they walk.  People sell everything - everywhere, you can buy your toilet paper, aprons, clocks, shoes, hats, fruit, CDs, etc as you stop at many of the traffic jams.  I was going to say stop lights, but they have few of those but many, many places where you have to wait for the traffic to move because of the backups at the cross streets or roundabouts.  Every nook and cranny is used for a business to sell whatever they can to make a living.  The homes all have tile floors everywhere.  I don't think carpet would be a good idea because in the dry months you get a thin film of red dirt on everything.  Not as bad during the rainy months that have started.

We had on missionary who complained of shortness of breath and rapid heart rate the last couple of months.  We took him in to the cardio doctor and were shocked with he found he had two valves that were not functioning.  He had rheumatic fever sometime in his youth that damaged his valves.  As he talked about the options with the doctor he asked how long he had to live because they didn't have good health care in Madagascar where he is from.  The doctor started to lay out all the things he could do but he said it was OK because he knew where he was going when he died.  Such faith, we love the sisters and elders.

Anyway, I do have a couple of photos on my ipad (lifesaver since my laptop is gone) that I will attach unless I get another ID10T error.

Our missionary carving we had made.

Africa clock we had made so we could use the other one for Utah time.

Nathan, my first missionary discussion - you can see he is shocked at the doctrine


  1. That's just the look when you tell someone what you had for breakfast!