Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Traveling to Uganda

30 hours traveling to Uganda is a long, long time!  We had a very special moment when we landed in Amsterdam.  The family spent some time writing letters to us as parents and grandparents.  We had a few tears as we read these letters and thought of how much we love our family.  It has been wonderful how they have supported and loved us through this process.

We finally arrived and you always hope when you travel on faith that someone will be there to greet you.  Not just someone but President and Sister Chatfield, Elder and Sister Wallace (Office Support), Elder and Sister Jonson (the couple we are replacing) and last but not the least, Godfrey, the driver, the one who gets to travel back and forth to the airport several times a week.  It is crazy but he does an excellent job.  For instance, going to the airport, the Johson's left the apartment at 7:30 and arrived at the airport only 20 minutes before the gate closed for an 11:30 flight.

First, I have to explain to President Chatfield why we have 6 suitcases plus carry-on for only 18 months.

We love them already!  Mission Presidents and their wives are very busy but they were at the airport at 11PM to meet us and then an hour plus back to the mission home.

Elder and Sister Jonson spent three days teaching us all the tricks to eat well, live well and love the people of Uganda.  What a blessing to spend some time learning from them.  The people were so sad to see them leave.

Elder and Sister Wallace came out to support us as well.  Thanks for giving up your sleep to make sure we felt welcome.  They are busy, busy in the mission office.

Soon you will be able to see some actual pictures of Africa.  Hopefully, the world will find out what a great opportunity it is to serve in Uganda.

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