Tuesday, September 1, 2015

God Be With You Till We Meet Again...

Our hearts are full this week.  We had an awesome District Conference with 875 of our friends.  Can you believe it?  That is almost a 50% turnout where people live miles and miles away from the meeting place and no vehicles to attend.  And yet they came.  We will treasure our time in Kampala and Jinja with senior missionaries that we love, the best Mission President and wife that ever lived and the people of Africa.  If anyone reading this blog is thinking of going on a senior missionary adventure, we highly recommend Africa.  The people love our Savior and have brought us much joy and happiness.

The final week is one filled with much packing, saying goodbye and tying up many loose ends.  The Lord's purpose it to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" and I am so thankful that part of that process had Nancy and I serving in Africa.  Words cannot express our love of the Savior, our knowledge that He did come to earth to atone for all of our sins and the restored gospel is here in fullness across the world today.  I recommend to all to come and be part of this great work.

We attended our last missionary leadership training meeting dinner a week ago.  How I will miss the BBQ night at Protea!

Elder and Sister Chabra came to do medical and allowed Sister Squire and I to move and become part of the vineyard in Jinja.  We loved both halves of our mission and each brought different blessings to our lives.  We love our fellow senior couples.  You have an instant connection to the ones we are blessed to serve with.

The Howard's came to fill the humanitarian needs of the mission.  Very experienced and knowledgeable on how to do that.  He is blessed to take over the monthly vehicle reports from me.

There they are, our now lifetime friends President and Sister Chatfield.

One of the last things we did on our mission was helping John (pre-missionary) get a suitcase large enough to hold his mission clothing.  We took him home where he lived on a military base by Jinja.  These kids were there and usually they are full of smiles but his one gave us the once over for the longest time.  We loved it. Mzungo's!

Kids playing on the roof.

Because the bodabodas are a death trap missionaries are not allowed to travel on them.  Sister Squire did want a pictures however.

Our dear sister Consulate gave us each a pair of sandles from Kenya.  They are made with tire rubber tread and dressed up with beads and leather.  We love them.

Not sure if we have published the milk delivery.  The cows are milked and then the milkmen have a route where they come and dish out the amount of milk people need.  They have a set route they do every day. There are no fridges so they don't have a place to keep it cold, hence they need daily delivery.

Goodbye Jinja house.  You really do not live in huts in Africa.  Very nice places to live.

When doing road work, this is how to block the road in Africa.

One of the security firms training their new recruits with wooden rifles.

You know it is time to go when you find big holes int he bottom of your pants.

Two of our amazing guards.  They work 12 hour shifts 24/7.

President Mbiro, one last picture as we were leaving District Conference.  Elder Clayton and two other Seventy's attended and will report back if Jinja is ready to become a Stake.  My vote: Absolutely!

Elder and Sister Hall from South Africa - one of the Africa area Seventy's.

Our two District Clerks, Moses (leaving on a mission in a couple of months) and Rodger.

The head table, it is very nice when you have a nice breeze to have conference or other meeting outside.  Uganda has the best weather ever!

Elder Clayton

Sister Squire listening while holding Latisha on her lap.  They became good friends from choir practice.


Rose, our housekeeper, and Helen coming to say goodbye to Nancy who helped Helen get to the temple a month ago.

One of the wonderful High Council members with his beautiful wife (Ivan and Dorah)

After conference and a four hour training meeting, Elder Hall and wife, Elder Clayton and wife, Elder Squire and wife, Elder Hamilton and wife, Elder Chabra and wife and of course the people that plan everything, the office couple, Elder and Sister Goodwin came to the mission home for soup.


Elder Clayton and his sweet wife were on the same flight back home and took us under their wing letting us come with them to the airport lounges while waiting for our flights home.  I did take advantage of the food of course.

Homeward bound!

Talmage has waited his whole life to meet his other grandparents.  A wonderful reunion but he will take a couple visits to get comfortable with us.

How is this for an arrival greeting.  Rachelle had school and internship so we missed her at the airport but she came to our home with hugs and greetings.

Now that is a happy grandma!

Yes, pizza was our first meal back.

Many hands did pray for us over the last 18+ months.  We thank you all for your prayers and support.

Grandma gets hugs and grandpa gets the silly string treatment.

Just a reminder, as we look at our children with all their toys, when you don't have a lot children will still find a way to play and have fun.

One last group for Sister Squire to teach primary songs to.  We will both miss their sweet personalities.

Back by popular demand another traditional clicking song.  How does she do it?

Finally, here is the trek back to the vehicles.  What a welcome home.


Part of our hearts will always be in Uganda with our wonderful African friends!