Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lugazi branch and Photos

Another Sunday in Uganda.  We drove ourselves to the Lugazi Branch this week.  Last week the APs (Assistant to the President) drove us up there so we could get a feel for the drive.  I must admit that I prefer to drive because my leg was killing me sitting in the back of the Nissan.  It takes about an hour to get there and longer coming home as the traffic begins to back up later in the day when more people are out and about.  As chaotic as the driving is, they usually make way for you when you have to turn or merge into traffic.  Here are some of the photos for the last week.

In Africa you make do with what you have.  Here is a set of homemade barbells.  I don't think your muscles mind a bit about what is making them hurt...steel or concrete, it is all pain.

Need four tires at the shop across town, no problem, just get them on a bodaboda and they will be there in a jiffy.

Living in Africa and still need a pimped out Ute vehicle, no problem!

Can't remember what street to turn on to get to our apartment?   We just look for the Fallopian tubes.  Nancy's seem to be a bit enlarged...

Want to help someone in Uganda, send a cow.

This is just a small bunch of bananas.  Some of the ladies will have them stacked multi-levels.

Think I will have to go without hashbrowns, toast, bacon and eggs, think again.

This one made me jump a bit.  I had pealed potatoes and carrots for our dinner tonight with the sister missionaries and was cleaning out the peelings when something started to move in the sink.

Here is our welcoming committee at the Lugazi Branch.  We will post some pictures of the members later.  We love them already.

Got a sugar craving, here you see a load of sugar cane going to processing.  Lugazi is where a large sugar processing factory is located along with many sugar cane fields.

Closeup of same truck.

We hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. Keep the pics and info coming!I finally got time to catch up on your adventures today! Love and miss you both!!