Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wanna get married?

Another great week y'all. Last week I mentioned we had a couples fireside and I thought I would share what they identified as the greatest problems in their marriages.  As you read these think of what you may have put on your list and see if they match up. I know it is the gospel of Jesus Christ that will change Africa, not any outpouring of money.  That has not worked over the past several decades and it will not work in the future.

For the men the list was 1) employment 2) becoming self-reliant/financial management 3) Counseling and meeting together as a family 4) family attending church together and 5) poor communication.  For the sisters the list was 1) Poverty 2) dishonesty in the family 3) living with extended family 4) inequality in workload at home and 5) spouse comes home late.

You can see that employment, and the consequence of poverty, was together the number one problem identified as couples.  In Africa, there really has not be a great number of people who are willing to open the windows of heaven and pay a full tithing.  It doesn't matter what religion you are, paying back to the Lord does and will bring blessings.  We will keep teaching the concept but people have to have faith in order to give it try.  When you are trying to decide between food and tithing, I can see where it is a difficult choice.  Somehow, those who pay a tithing seem to make ends meet at the end of the week.  It was interesting that poverty was also thought to be a blessing because it could help husband and wife to work together to achieve a common goal.  Greater unity can occur when working together openly and honestly with one another for a goal.

I could go on but there are so many lessons to come from the two lists and how each gender views the world through their own eyes.  Both live in the same environment but because of traditions or personalities can have a different view of the problem/desired outcome.  Keeping the commandments takes away many of the problems in a marriage and working together can go a long way in working your way out of poverty.

Speaking of marriage, we had one of the very best couples in the mission head home this week.  It is amazing how quickly you come to love the couples you work with in the mission field.  We went on a couple of different trips with the Wallaces and had so much fun with them.  We already miss them.

Here are a few pictures of their farewell dinner at the mission home.  We drove into Kampala for missionary transfers and to say goodbye to this good couple.  They served in the office and they worked hard.

That's right cowboy, you hit the trail and don't let the dust on the trail get in your eyes.

We stop by a wood carving shop to get some different items carved and always enjoy seeing the talent and how well they do with simple tools and equipment.  Cute girl helping her mom mind the shop.

Mom and daughter hoping to get a sale.

Here are the wood carvers.  See the wooden mallets and chisels.

Some of the different animals they also carve.

We also helped with another wedding this week.  Sister Squire is the "go to girl" for wedding cakes.  She is really developing a lot of talents here in the mission field.  You can see the concept of kissing in front of people is not natural for Africa.  They had to be cheered on by the audience to get a kiss going.

I never get tired of the kneeling for presenting the first food and drink to the new husband.

Here is part of the wedding party.

They have four children but the oldest is in boarding school and it isn't easy to get them out for activities.  That is one of the crazy things (in my mind) they do in Africa is send their young kids to boarding school.  I loved having our kids home every morning and night.

Cutie and cake.

Sister Squire is getting good on the piano and here she was getting some help as she played a duet.

You have to sign six copies of the wedding certificate.

Another man who was married a month ago was helping with some of the poses.  Not sure the bride is convinced this is a good idea.

The wedding was on Saturday and on Sunday this cute couple and three of their four children were baptized.  Their lives will never be the same.  I love the traditional dress.

Heading back to Iganga, a forty minute drive with at least 12 in the car.

We were heading out to dinner and took a mental note of this sign in case we ever get a cow.

Goats love to climb and so even a small mountain will do to accomplish "king of the hill."

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