Monday, March 30, 2015

In D-Nile

I love this time of year as I get to think about how a loving Savior, who came to earth to pay for my sins, was resurrected and so I too can live again.  I have no comprehension for how much he loves each one of us but know that I am expected to love each and everyone the same way.  We are so blessed to have this hope and knowledge that we will continue after this very short time on earth.  I am blessed by each one of you and love you.  I hope Easter Sunday will find you some place where you can reflect on the goodness of a loving Father in Heaven and the gift of His Son.

We needed a little electrical work done on our apartment this week.  They carry their tools in a plastic bag but amazing what they do with the resources they have here in Africa.

This is the location of our Mission Office.  They are updating the stucco on our building because it was built much earlier than the rest of the buildings. Here are the workers putting up the scaffolding.

What, we stopped by the airport and look who showed up.  I guess we will have to have some fun this week.

The fun started right off the bat.  Tyler seems excited about the hearty steak from Ozzies.

It was so good we gave the very short Australian lady, who moved to Africa, a big smooch for the great steak.

This guy was watching over us as I introduced Tyler and Al to shoestring potatoes

Tyler had to see the source of the Nile so we also had one of the High Council members who is a bird watching guide come along with us.  Godfrey is in the front.  He had a lot of knowledge about the local birds and per square mile Uganda has the greatest number of different birds.

Our boat guide Samuel.

Woodland King Fisher

Monitor Lizard

Pied King Fisher

Bird with some kind of creature in the beak.

Just drying out my wings kids.

Update the paint and you are good for another few years.  Do try to live every moment, life goes fast.

No wonder they can't find the Loch Nest monster, it is at the source of the Nile.

Ibis bird with pretty colors.

Love the colors of this Woodland King Fisher.

This lady was just driving by our boat all by herself but I love the smile as she is enjoying the experience.

This kind of puts a crimp in my style...

Ta Daa!

Alison, can't hide fast enough as we throw up the "U" to celebrate the sweet 16 run.

Yes, he would wear this in pubic.  It would do well with his dalmatian suit.

Al working with Hope to create her own masterpiece.

I have to tend the kids so everyone else can play around and have fun.  Tough duty!

Ah, well done Alison!

We have to kill some time before dinner so off to Itanda Falls we go.

Here is the young man that threw himself into the falls so we could enjoy watching him come down.

Forbidden fruit, I think not.

Hello, my name is Elder Squire.  Have you heard about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ?

Al feeding the monkeys.

Waiter, please bring me some bananas for the monkeys on a platter!

Definitely a hit.

Bunge jump for those interested.

Oh Tyler, just give the monkey the banana.

If you watch close, you can see the man head into the water and over the falls.

The second swimmer went over a rougher part of the falls.

Happy Easter on Sunday!

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