Sunday, November 2, 2014

Warrior Toast

We were in Jinja and planned to go home on Sunday night but had an elder call with a bad tooth so we planned to take him to a local dentist close to Jinja.  He lives in Mbale, a two hour drive from Jinja, and so we didn't want to take him into Kampala, a four hour drive away.  We stayed overnight and on Monday we took him in.  His tooth is the most back tooth (need help from Dr John if you want the number of the tooth) and so it was difficult for him to see it and work on it.  He said we just need to pull it because he can't get to the tooth.  This elder has lost several other molars so losing one more really isn't a good idea if you can do a root canal and save the tooth.  We will have to make an appointment for him to come to Kampala and see our good dentist at Pan Dental.

We headed back to Kampala and one of our assistants to the president (APs), Elder Bukenya, was going home to Dubai and had major knee surgery while on his mission.  It was a miracle how quickly he was back on his mission (only medically released for two weeks) with that kind of surgery on the knee.  Anyway, he needed to have one last visit and the Dr wanted x-rays to show his knee.  We went to a new place and finally got the x-ray done and had to come back later to get a disk of the findings.  We came the next day and after another two hours of waiting it was done.  Some things just don't go as well as in the USA but where is the adventure in that?  We finally got him in and he is now home in Dubai.  Good Elder, we loved working with along with all the elders.  In the picture is Elder Bukenya, Elder Steffenhagen, Elder Wanlass, Elder Hall, and Elder Grilliot. They left a few minutes later to return home after 24 months.

On Oct. 29,  we had the going away dinner and testimonies from the five elders heading home.  No sisters this transfer but there will be some next transfer.  We love hearing the testimony of missionaries heading home.  This group was a hard working group and didn't have to worry if they had done enough on their mission.  It is so difficult for missionaries coming home to keep their focus.  They have learned how to be successful with the training of being a missionary.  Get up early at 6:30 AM.  Exercise, study, plan, companion study and then go to work.  It doesn't matter if you are in school, working or just making your life go, this type of regime will get you where you want to go in life! 

After every MLC they have a dinner usually at a local restaurant. Because it was on Halloween night we really went our of our way to dress up for the event.

Some lady with Sister Wallace

The cute sister leaders along with Sister Chatfield and two strangers.

After the dinner we went home and Sister Squire had advertised an opportunity for the sisters and elders living in our apartment building to come and do a trick for a treat.  Here these elders switched their name badges as a trick.  Lame, but they go the treat just the same.

The sisters did a little better as they dressed up as scary characters.


Mysterious woman


Some of the other elders did some card tricks.  These were pretty good actually.

More games along with the squeeky balloon game.

Here we have a friend that invaded the sisters apartment behind ours.  We will miss you my dear friend rat.

I have no idea what goes on after we go to sleep but I found mr pumpkin vampire dancing with the sister warriors.  Crazy stuff happens around here.

We sure do miss our family Halloween party.  Cute grand-kids deserve a mention on any blog.

Finally, and this is important, I close with this most inspiring Maasai Tribe warrior salute:  May the skin of your bum never cover a drum.  And so, to all of you, I say likewise...

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  1. I could have done without that rat picture until AFTER I'm home from Africa. ;) GROSS!!