Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jumping Jiggers, is that my Girls?

Well the day we have been waiting for finally arrived.  We will hit the half way point of our mission on Monday but that isn't it.  Two of our girls came to visit us here in Africa and we are going to have a blast.  We got home around 1AM and then had to get up at 6AM to get ready for a service project.  This is the fourth week of a five week project of going to different villages around Jinja to cut jiggers off the feet of children and some adults.  Rachelle and Alysia wanted to do service while they are here and this worked out perfectly.  We drove out of Jinja for about twenty minutes and didn't have any problems finding the place where we were going to work for the day.

This is the best of times!

As usual when I show up the crowds go wild...

OK, you got me, not everyone goes wild

So after 30 hours in a plane, this is what greets the girls.  They loved it and loved the people as soon as they spent any time with them.

In this picture you can see where the white egg is being removed.


There were some pretty nasty feet but oh what joy when the leave with everything cut out and a new pair of shoes so the jiggers can't get started again.


Alysia was assigned to put Hydrogen Proxide on their feet after the surgery.

Rachelle was also on the final station before heading for shoes.

Waiting for your chance to get your feet cut on can make anyone yawn.

The following are some of the cute kids we were able to help.

Rachelle helping one of the kids to the shoe department.

Some of the moms came to help with the children.

She looks majestic.  I bet her life has lots of stories to tell.

We have a few men come through and their feet are some of the worst.

Our good friends, the Hansens, also had two of their kids come out.  We will play with them the next couple of days.  Welcome to Uganda Dan and Paige, put up those happy hands.

We have to go to the bore hole to get water for washing etc.  Here is Elder Wallace and Dan loading up.

This last picture will help you to remember there really is beauty all around.

There is much more to post but this will have to suffice for this week.  We are off on another adventure and many more reports will be coming.  We had Elder Ellis from the Area Presidency here this past week as well but more on that in a future post. 

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  1. Dan didn't look too happy when you asked for happy hands...

    Great photos!