Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

What a great title.  Moms are the best and make the world go around.  While my mom is suffering from Alzheimer's, she is still the best thing out there.  I think I may have caused this disease while in my youth and she needed a way to escape and forget.  Just a theory...I sure do love her and appreciate all she put up with while raising me.  Now to Nancy, she is the in my life.  She has these amazing five kids that just about knock my socks off with how cute and wonderful they are.  She really is mother of the year in my book.  I hope all you husbands are treating your special someone to a special day.

We have had a couple of missionary opportunities while we are out and about trying to care for the sick sisters and elders.  While at Hospice, we had a man come up and start to visit with us and said he wasn't sure why he had come to the center today, he was sure if was because we would be there.  We were able to visit and testify of our knowledge of the restored gospel here on earth.  He felt the spirit and we will pass his name along to the elders.  We have also had time to share with come of the people that help us park at the pharmacy.  It has been fun to give pamphlets about the gospel and share our testimony of it.  That is why we are here, along with the many more hours spent taking the missionaries to doctor appointments, getting medications and visiting them in the hospital.  

Our sickle cell elder had to be admitted to the hospital for three days to finally get over this ongoing crisis.  He is finally doing much better and should be back to work later next week.  We had a sister in Jinja that had typhoid and was very sick.  Then two of the other sister also got sick but not with typhoid.  They are all doing much better now so that is our medical story.  We had two days where we got home around 3AM.  The sickle cell doctor we were referred to had his clinic at night starting at 7PM.  We had a 9PM appointment so we left our home at 7:15.  We finally got to the elders home at 9:30 and made the doctor at 9:45.  You have to experience traffic here, you can't adequately describe it.  He finally got in at midnight and then we left to check him in to the hospital.  At least we saved a day of hospital billing by coming in very early the next day.

These kids must know what a sweet girl she is, they came running up just to give a hug and so we had reward with some biscuts (packaged cookies)

Giving shots sure does make her happy!

I do love the crest of Uganda, this was taken at a very nice restaurant we had on our list from the Jonsons (the previous medical advisers) to try.

Elder Holland noted in the Dec. 2013 Liahona that "the Church has been in Africa for less than 30 years (except for South Africa).  Because of that, the Church here has been "born before your eyes, born in a day, and Africa is one of those special places where you get to see the glory of the Lord, the wonder and the miracle of the Restoration, quite literally unfold before your eyes.  The African people have great joy in the gospel and the fact that they have had little of material goods in their lives but when the gospel came into their lives, they are embracing it."  Elder Nelson stated,"He is very optimistic about the future of the Church and the people of Africa because their faith is stronger than their challenges."  I love the quote, hopefully we can all have faith in Jesus Christ stronger than our challenges.

Only in Africa do you have to post signs so you don't run over the zebras!  Full disclosure, this is for a striped crosswalk.

Ramdom pictures of the day.  We visited the Uganda musuem a few weeks ago and they had this statue out front.  It is a bald lady with cans flowing out of her body.  In Uganda everyone just throws their trash on the ground and it is a very messy place.  I think this is a message about that but I can't be sure.

This is her octopus tail of cans, you have to come and see it.  I think it will become the eighth wonder of the world.

At the musuem I entered one of the huts and started to eat the termites off a stick like the natives do.


Here I am leaving the hut and thinking "why oh why did I just eat all those termites..."

When you eat termites and don't have a stomach used to it, this is where you end up.  It is the unisex bathroom or long drop as they call it here.

I have to show this picture.  I took one earlier with an avocado and an egg to show how big they are here.  Well, this one took the record and I had to take another picture.

Some of the Lugazi Branch Primary kids.  Sis Squire teaches primary and then has been going into the young womens for the last hour this month.

The Lugazi Branch Elders.  Elder Bandi on the far left has been in Lugazi for six months so he wanted a picture in case he gets transfered, Elder Vis next to Kim, Elder Edman the Elder Nozintaba.

These kids love to pose and their clothes don't always fit perfectly but they are happy and we are blessed to be with them. 


  1. Happy Mother's Day Sister Squire. We love your posts and pictures of the good people of Uganda whom you are serving. Keep it up!

  2. I can't stop looking at that avocado! I can't wait to see them for myself in November!