Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Ouch! We got that a lot this past couple of weeks.  Many of the missionaries do not have all their booster shots for hepatitis A and B so guess who gets to catch them up.  Yep, the good old mission nurse.  With her mean streak, Nancy had no problem giving them nightmares about the shots.  OK, that isn't true, she actually had a lot of empathy for them but I tried to make it as hard as possible with comments about how large and difficult it will be putting a needle into their arm that may become stuck or dislodged into their blood stream.   It was quite comical to see how nervous and anxious both the sisters and elders would get about these shots.  We had a couple of elders that looked like they were going to pass out.  Loved it!  I wonder why I don't have very many friends...

We caught most of the missionaries while they were down for zone conferences.  It was a pleasure to go to the mission home where these meetings were being held.  First, because we went at lunch time and Sis Chatfield and her helpers are all good cooks and Second, because we were able to listen to the teachings from the APs and the Mission President.  When the announcement was made that some of the sisters and elders had won the shot lottery and to meet us in the laundry room, it got to be quite fun. 

Clean the spot first

You can see the band aid in my hand, it is the most critical part of the whole operation, if not done correctly the tongue will hang out uncontrollably.

Holding them down so they don't bleed all over the room

Sister Hansen and Sister Squire teamed up to give the A and B at the same time.  If they didn't cry, they got a sucker.  Elder Hansen was making sure the needle went in the required distance.

Marabou Storks - beautiful?

 I was able to take some time during Mission Leadership Council (MLC) to discuss the vehicles and how to care for them.

One of the random drug deals that go down every day here in Uganda to bring health and strength to the missionaries.

The MLC picture at the end of training

President Chatfield taught about how in any sport or physical endeavor we have to learn muscle memory.  Once you practice over and over the same skill you begin to do it without having to think about it.  He likened it to having spiritual memory.  We need to train and spend the time necessary to where we have the answers to the questions we will get as missionaries.  I think for all of us, spending the time to get comfortable with what our loving Father in Heaven has provided to us here on earth with scriptures, prayer and good books will allow us to build a strong spiritual memory.  Now, how does someone like me that can read a book and then read it again in a few months and wonder if I have ever read it before build a spiritual memory? 

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  1. I love reading these posts Elder and Sister Squire... thanks for letting us in the inner circle! Love you!