Sunday, April 20, 2014


This is like saying earthquake!...only different.  We took our first big road trip without anyone to hold our hands.  We had the senior MLS couple (Elder and Sister Holyoak) that are in Masaka stay at our home when transfers happened at the first of April.  They didn't want to go out but insisted on making us dinner.  Well, you know me, I am not much of an eater but thought it would be a good idea anyway.  Wow!  She can really cook and Elder Holyoak used to run a ranch down around Gunnison Utah.  He also did his own butchering.  This is going somewhere, hang with me...  When the Holyoak's got to Masaka they didn't like the cuts of meat so the good Elder took matters in his own hands and found a butcher that raised his own hogs and had him butcher the hog and told him the cuts he wanted right on the spot.  We got some of the pork chops from this endeavor and I think I am going to start eating again :)

So, you ask, how does any of this relate to the subject of the Equator?  Well Masaka is below the equator and we are above the equator.  Knowing that Elder and Sister Holyoak would not want to go out to lunch we told them we would take them out.  What a surprise when she insisted that we should just eat lunch with them.  Well, OK, I guess if you insist.  Lunch was awesome.  They have been growing their own vegetables and showing the members how to grow some of the things we like in the USA.  They only have less than two months so we knew we needed to get down and see their place before they leave. 

This is the place where the four missionaries assigned to Masaka live

This is the meeting house in town, the building is pretty large for Uganda

Elder and Sister Holyoak

This is a building next to the meeting house, they use the poles to hold up the ceiling while it cures

 This is the Holyoak home behind the Elders apartment

 These bananas weigh about 2 or 3 hundred pounds, give or take 2 or 3 hundred pounds

After we had lunch and a wonderful visit we headed back to Kampala.  It is crazy driving around here but we are getting used to it.  We just drove past the equator on the way down because it was taking longer than we thought and didn't want to miss lunch.  There isn't much to see but they did have a few shops that we have to stop and make sure there isn't something different.  One interesting thing is we were down in Southern Uganda where they had arrested 13 people for cannibalism.  When I joked about it during my talk at church, I really didn't think it would be a problem.  The village by Masaka is where they would sell the "meat".  I understand it tastes a lot like chicken...

This is on one side of the road as you cross the equator

 This is on the other side of the street, you can see the restaurant and shops behind

When you are sensitive to mother nature you can unite both the north and south hemisphere, you may have felt the shift in the universe as I healed us all
 You can see the equator is a straight line but it goes diagonal across the road - hummm

Speaking of beef, I love the long horns of the cattle in Africa. We saw these trucks near the equator. They tie the horns to the roof and then riders go on top if the cab is full.

One last shot for your enjoyment...the moons of Africa


  1. I knew something was different! Good work on healing the earth Elder!

  2. I am glad you were able to find some good food!

  3. How odd that the equator bends. I'd always thought it was a straight line!