Sunday, June 14, 2015

Interview Anyone?

This has been a week of interviews!  We had District Conference and in a District the Mission President is responsible for all Melchizedek Priesthood interviews.  He can assign one of his counselors to help with the interviews and so with him engaged in a mission tour with the Africa Southwest Region President (Elder Cook) I was able to assist with many of the interviews.  I conducted 15 interviews for the Melchizedek Priesthood, baptism interview, 2 pre-missionaries, released 6 missionaries from serving full time missions and set apart one sister missionary going to Ghana.  I loved it because I never thought I would have this type of experience.

Some of the great things we learned during the past two days at district conference, was how to better at keeping the Sabbath day holy, visiting the less active is powerful, counseling with our wives, family and ward family is very effective in accomplishing more than we can do on our own.  I have found that when we concentrate on those things we are doing well, while recognizing we can do better, is very effective in staying positive and moving forward.  It is very easy to always see what we are not doing right and perhaps quit making the effort to do better because it seems so overwhelming.  We don't have to get everything right tomorrow, we do have an eternity but need to be constantly moving in the right direction.

"And if any man among you be strong in the Spirit, let him take with him, him that is weak, that he may be edified in all meekness, that he may become strong also.  Behold, this is the way that mine apostles, in ancient days, built up my church unto me." (D&C 84: 106, 108)

District Conference was awesome.  We had two Seventys' attend along with our Mission President. A seventy is a member of our church who is called to go out and bear witness of the Savior Jesus Christ. The one unique thing of being out in the mission field is having so many general authorities come and spend time in our area.  Elder Hall and Elder Cook (Africa Southwest Area President) did a wonderful job of teaching and guiding a council teaching opportunity for all member of the district.

Cute kids everywhere.  This one did not cry when she saw me, very unusual but her name is Patience and that may have something to do with it.

President and Sister Chatfield talked about counseling together and everyone loved it.

Sister Chatfield did have to stand on her tippy toes to reach the microphone.  Good thing she is a former gymnast.

We had a wonderful attendance - 628 - I think Jinja will be a Stake very soon.

Cosmos is the young man who lost all his fingers and thumbs in a work accident.  He has taken the discussions and was baptized last week.

Sister Fiona sings in the choir with Nancy and I think we may be spending a half-day, sometime this next week, with her and her fiance getting approval from her parents to marry.

Ivan took piano lessons from Nancy and now wants her to help publish some of his music.

Too cute!

After the District meeting, President Cook had a new convert meeting.  Almost everyone in here was baptized in the last year.  We enjoyed some very good testimony's about the sacrifices made to be a member of the Church.

We had to drive into Kampala for some missionary releases and we took one of the newly released Elders home to Jinja with us.  When we dropped him off we saw they had already killed the goat for the meal.  We were able to have some of the meal and it was good.

This was really cute, mom came in and sat on the floor and gave this not so small elder the sign that it was time for a hug from mom.  He got up and went and sat on her lap for the hug.  They were all so happy to see him.

Here he is with all the neighbor kids who come to see the show.

We were able to bring John (from Mpumedde Branch) his mission call and he and the missionaries assigned to his branch are always so happy to see where they will go and serve (Ghana Cape Coast).

We went to Mbale to feed the missionaries during the mission tour with Elder and Sister Cook. While we were waiting for Elder Cook the missionaries all lined up in order of seniority to greet and be greeted.  I had them give a cheer while waiting.

The arrival, Elder Cook and his sweetheart got out and I told Elder Taylor "he's just a kid."  Love these seventies and their faith to leave home for years at a time to serve.  Elder and Sister Cook have been in Africa for four years.

Sister Taylor and Nancy.  We love spending time with them.

We served with Elder Bandy when we first arrived in Uganda and now he is an assistant to the President.  We love his smile.

I thought this was interesting, a posting to make sure no one has a problem with the upcoming marriage.

Wait, did someone have a birthday this past week?  Why yes they did.  If you had been in Africa for 16 months, what would be the one thing you wanted to do.  Tennis of course.

The girl still has it, look out here comes the rocket ball.

Here we are with the Nile river in the background.  We had to go to a nice hotel outside of Jinja and rent the tennis court but we did have fun.

If it is your birthday you have to make your own cake.  It is a new tradition I started this week.  Here is the German chocolate cake she made that was really good.  Nancy has become quite the baker.

When it was time for the cake and ice cream there was a consensus that someone had to leave.  I just don't understand why all the anger issues with missionaries these days.

Once they got me outside the party began.  We have the district missionaries live near us that includes 6 sisters and 2 elders, so they get to party with us because it is too far to get other missionaries.

Happy Birthday my love.


  1. I'm so happy for Cosmos! I'm glad we got to meet him.

  2. Grant and Terri had Elder Cook come visit them in Cameroon as well. She says that he ate at their house but stayed in a hotel near them at night. Small world!