Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cut Lips are Deadly

It never gets old saying it, wow, what a busy week.  It is good because the more busy we are the faster the days flash by.  Don't worry, we are not wishing our mission away.  I learned a long time ago to not think that things will get better "tomorrow."  We decide every day how the day is going to be and I take full responsibility for having a great day each and every day.  Of course, when you are married to a beautiful woman, that doesn't hurt :).

I have been able to interview people for temple recommends, priesthood advancement, prepare paperwork for becoming a Stake in Jinja, go into Kampala for transfers, go to a dinner with the public affairs missionaries along with some of the local leaders (they never showed up), and visit many of the different branches to help with their needs.  Sister Squire taught piano, made cakes for people that ask out of the blue, was a soccer mom for the missionaries, interviewed the Relief Society, Young Women and Primary District leaders, did some medical stuff, and helped with transfers.  With all that we also got to speak at the branch in Busia we have been attending for the last two weeks.  It is about and 1 1/2 hours away.  Life is good.

The sisters that live behind us came over when the power was out to get some toast for dinner.  We have battery backup that will last an hour or so and we still had power.  After they went back home and entered their very dark house the locked the door.  That is when the fun started.  We heard screaming and yelling for Sister Squire and finally Elder Squire.  This was really loud yelling so we run out the front door to the back where their home is and found something that sounded like a baby crying.  It turns out a stray cat had entered their home while they were over to our place and all they saw was something run in front of them and then start meowing.  Pretty funny actually.

For transfers we loaded some of the missionaries and headed back to our old home.  This was the scene that greeted us.  The missionaries come from all over the mission to bring people in and take people back.  It's a crazy couple of days.  They love to see old companions and renew friendships.

The hall where all the baggage is stored until packed in a different vehicle to go somewhere new.

We stayed with the Hansens and this is the view of a small portion of the group from their balcony documenting all the chaos.

The senior couples all get together for dinner during transfer week and I was so excited when my calzone came I cut my lip and bled all over it...

The next night we had the going home dinner for all the missionaries leaving.  We had 17 missionaries leaving this transfer and it is fun to listen to them testify of the impact serving a mission had on their life.  These three sisters are all from Uganda and were moved back home to finish their mission when Ebola was found in their mission in Sierra Leone and Liberia.  They were powerful serving the people they grew up with.

Here is the group heading home.

Soccer mom giving instruction at the half of the missionaries vs the Iganga branch.  They take their football seriously here in Africa.  I think it was good that it ended in a 7-7 tie.  Rematch!

Action shots

I think these young ladies were cheering for someone but not sure what team.

More action

Most everyone after the game enjoying water and biscuits.

Love some of the pictures of the older ladies.  She is one of the branch ladies coming out to support everyone playing the game on Monday.

As they were playing football I noticed a bunch of birds flying around the field.  It looked pretty cool and then they all landed in a tree by the field.  I went around to get of picture of them.

The birds all landed and hung upside down, weird...

On Saturday we went over to the Bugembe Christmas party.  It was supposed to start at 2PM but we were there at 2:30 and they were still cooking and preparing the food.  This is one of the meat bowls. I am not sure if it is chicken or something else.

The rice was stirred using a large paddle.  Everything is cooked over the open fire.

Irish potatoes, they are fried and are really good.

This is the gnut sauce.  It's a ground nut you put over the different foods as a flavor sauce.

These are the sisters cooking the meal.  Lots of good stuff here.

Not sure who get the hearts but I would have waited in line for one.

Time for a few random photos to close out the week.  Check out this cutie!

Our guard all bundled up for the blistering 63 to 65 degree night.

Another cute boy holding Elder Allred's badge while playing the game.

What girl doesn't like a biscuit now and then?

At our "Dinner for 10" to help community leaders understand the good things the church is doing in Africa I saw this great looking tree.  It was huge and I love the structure of the limbs.

Another rough week coming up, we head for Queen Elizabeth Park for the Senior Couples Retreat.


  1. Life is good for Elder Squire. Keep the Faith! Love you and your family.

  2. My husband and I received our mission call to the Uganda Kampala Mission and are excited to be serving there in AFrica. My husband works with Brett Gallacher at Associated Foods Stores in SLC and he gave us the website for your page and I have to say it's been good to read your experiences and love for the mission. I have been somewhat nervous, even though we're excited, and was happy to see that we might not be living in a mud hut, although the bucket showers will be a new experience! We love Pres. and Sis. Chatfield and know they're doing a marvelous job there. Thanks for sharing on this blog and we'll continue to follow. We'll see you soon~