Sunday, October 19, 2014

Well, I'll be jiggered!

The weeks have been getting crazy lately.  As you know we are shifting to Jinja next month but are trying to attend district meetings and do the medical at the same time.  Only problem is the towns are two hours apart so we try and stay in one place for a while.  We left for Jinga in Wednesday and I was able to attend the District Presidency Meeting.  We then had the rest of the week to do our inspections of several of the elders apartments.  We do these inspections every transfer or every 6 weeks.  We did almost half this week and will go back out and do the larger half next week.

Meanwhile, while in Kampala we try and set up as many appointments for Monday and Tuesday as we can.  We have dental and medical appointment set up for this coming week.  We had another doctor appointment set up for 8PM on Tuesday night but we got there an hour late because of the nasty traffic you get every night at going home time.  Because our elder was not hurting they had him wait and he was the last appointment of the night - we got home at 1:15 AM.  Crazy, I tell ya!  The one nice thing was they moved from the old building to a brand new high rise a kilometer away.  It was much nicer and Sister Squire didn't have to stamp her feet to keep the mice out of the room.

On Saturday we went out to help with the Jigger humanitarian project that will go for the next 4 weeks.  They will do 100 people each week for a total of 500.  They get new shoes after they cut the little fellas off their feet and sometimes on their hands, legs and arms.  We also spray the homes to kill the jiggers in their home.  It is quite a project.  You will get tired of hearing about it so I will move to a few pictures.

Here is our new flat in Jinja.  The flowers are to welcome her to her new home or because I didn't get her flowers for our anniversay, can't remember for sure...

The new entry/living room.  Narrow but very nice.

Bore hole where everyone gets water in the village where we are doing jiggers.

The little girls get to help raise the even littler girls.

this was the early line for jigger treatment.  Over the morning and early afternoon we did 100 people.

Love these happy smiles

Elder Wallace showing the house sprayers how to use the equipment.

If you ever have paranormal activity, this is the group you call!

The big boy got to build 10 new sprayers.  The first one was a bugger.

It was busy like this for several hours.  This is where they cut and dig out the eggs of the jiggers.

I think she is in a few pictures, cute girl!

New shoes after getting treatment.  They were told to wait after they were done.


Another cutie getting her feet scrubbed



Here is the tarp with all the shoes that are fitted to each man, woman or child.

This was the cleaning crew, Sister Hannan, Sister Squire and Sister Wallace.  They clean the feet good then send them down to the cutting crew.

This senior sister had some really bad feet.  What a blessing to get them taken care of.

The lady three down is the one with the really bad feet.

This little boy was very cute.  Yes, he is wearing a ladies top.  Very common as they wear whatever they get.

You can see they plan to grow into the shoes.  I think they intend them to last a couple of years.

Hey sister, what up?

This is lunch being prepared.  At the end of the session they fed everyone who helped with the project.

Group photo

Elder Wallace at the end of a very sweaty session.  Quality control in the back.

 After we got done we went out to eat at the hotel on the Nile with all the monkeys.  The pictures did not turn out well but they were really riled up.  You had two groups of monkeys yelling at each other and jumping toward each other.  One time they were screaming and running towards us...I ran like a school girl.

Another beautiful day in Uganda with a sunset on the Nile river.

Heavenly Father has sure provided a beautiful earth for all of us.

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  1. I don't think I'll get sick of reading about the jiggers or seeing all the awesome pictures. What an adventure!