Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Worth of a Soul

Another great week if you can believe it.  We sure do have a lot of adventures here in Africa.  You seniors should come and join us :).  As soon as we left the Caspersons last week we were driving home and still on the road when we get a call that Sis Caperson had fallen and had a two inch cut on her chin, black and blue bruises all over her legs and neck along with bruised ribs.  She has had a struggle this week just getting around because her whole body hurts.  She was on a ladder over her tub cleaning a small spot of mold and reached too far.  I guess there was blood and guts everywhere (not sure about the guts...).  How fun to go home all black and blue.  They come to Kampala this coming Thursday and leave that night for SLC after fulfilling an 18 month mission.

We went to Jinja again on Saturday for additional training and to attend a returned missionary fireside.  President Chatfield and his wife were 1 1/2 hours late because there were two accidents on the road and the tow trucks were there to clean everything up.  It is usually a 2 hour drive on a bad day but it took them 4 1/2 hours on Saturday.  A great message was taught about how he does not like the title "returned missionary."  These young men and young women do not return to the life they had before.  They have been changed and if they continue to be guided by the principles taught in the Preach My Gospel book after their mission, they will be successful in life.  Returned missionary is replaced by royal missionaries. 

President Chatfield also talked about the worth of a soul (the spirit and body combined).  We are taught that God wants us to have all he has - even to become like him.  If our worth is so great shouldn't we act in every way to allow him to bless us in becoming more than we are now (D&C 18:10 and D&C 82:10).  We know that God can do anything (except sin, lie, take our agency) so when we say "I can't" we have essentially said we don't believe He can do what we need Him to do in our lives. We take away our own agency.  The greatest poverty in the world is the poverty of desire.  When we lack the desire to change, we will go nowhere.

Ok, now to put the week in pictures.  Once the mission found out there was damage to the apartment when Sis Casperson fell (broke the shower) they put out the following flyer... This will be on the mission office door when she comes in on Thursday. (Okay, I made the flyer).

This royal missionary had a traditional dress made for Sis Casperson and surprised her with it before church.  She also had a tie made for President Casperson so they would match.  Fun

We found some new cute kids in our new Branch.

Tell me about this smile.

Dress and matching tie

Another Mission Leadership Council (MLC) meeting with dinner at Hotel Protea, yum.

The Sister leaders

We went with Caspersons to dinner on Saturday night to a very nice place overlooking the Nile river.  Lots of monkeys came to eat fruit and visit.

The baby will hold on the the mothers stomach and they still move fast.

How cool is this?

Here is a video of meal time in the trees.

We cannot pass a playground without having to pause while Sis Squire plays on the equipment...Sigh

Monkey and the sunset

Goodby monkey

Well, R U?

Finally, we are very excited to have two of our girls that will be coming out in November.  We have been wanting a very real experience for them as they tour and visit Africa.  We already have made some of the Hotel reservations.  Here is the front of the Hotel.


Not much from the front but it really does have a nice pool and hot tub.


  1. Watching monkeys while you eat. That sounds delightful!