Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lions, Tigers and Bears...Oh my

OK, so we didn't see any lions...or tigers...or for that matter bears; we had to settle for wart hogs, monkeys, giraffes, impalas, deer like creatures, hippos and cape buffalo.  Bummer :)  Before we get to the fun photos, a bit about our week.  We had many appointments for Sickle cell, wisdom teeth, broken teeth, neck pain, and cavities.  Who could ask for anything more?  We love these missionaries but they sure do break down a lot.  Actually, it isn't that often but there are just a lot of them.

As you read last week we had a wonderful week helping for a day at the refugee camp up by South Sudan.  We were very blessed to be able to get out of Kampala and do some different type of service work.  It was great to ride up with the Public Affairs missionaries (Hansens) and take turns driving on the horrible roads.  We will probably not get that far north again so this was a great opportunity for us to see more of this beautiful country. We will get to the animal park again because Rachelle is coming to visit in November and we made our reservations for Paraa already.  Chobe is the park we went to but both resorts are in the Murchison Fall National Park on opposite sides of the park.  You can pay 5,000 shillings ($2) each for park entrance if you are only going in for lunch.  It was a beautiful setting right on the Nile River with over a hundred hippos out in the water feeding.  As evening approaches they move out of the water onto land.  We look forward to seeing that when we go in November and stay overnight.

Our first view of Chobe as we walk out on the deck of the Hotel.

The Nile River
 A dead tree in a tree, wow, only in Africa...

A great view of the lodges if you have deep pockets.

The balcony where we are eating our lunch.

It is so cool to see all these animals so close to the road throughout the park.  You have to wonder about all the animals that are a few miles away from the roads.  This beautiful shot of Giraffes has been my screensaver for the past few weeks.  I like it a lot! (Thanks Reese and Ellie)

As you drive all through Africa, everyone walks.  This is a group of school kids but the road is lined with kids and adults walking on the roads to wherever they are going.  I should say that all roads are full of people walking at all hours of the day and night.

These three girls were so cute walking down the road together with their arms around each other.  They turned around when they heard the truck slowing down so we could take a picture.

You can see them breaking apart and getting ready to run.  A group of muzungus is enough to scare anyone. The kids in Africa wear all different kinds of school uniforms and man, they do look cute.

Now lets get going on our safari, should we?  It was actually all on the road as we were driving in the park to have lunch.  Have I told you lately how great Africa is?  The Tsetse flies here on our mirror were nasty.  They bite!  You can see how many are surrounding our vehicle and when we would open the window to take a picture they fill the truck and attacked.  We were all slapping like crazy.  Interesting, once we got to the lodge, they were gone.  I think it must have been posted that no Tsetse flies were allowed past a certain point.

Cape buffalo

I love the two different colorings on the giraffes here.

 Better picture


These pictures are for the grand kids that love lizards.

Duck taking off for the water.


Chillin while we wait for out lunch.

While watching the river, all of a sudden we see a hippo looking like a balloon floating down the river

Closeup.  The guides tell us the hippo will get stuck in the bend of the river and then the crocodiles will make quick work of it.
Wart hogs.  We had the guide give us a ride out on the air strip where they were feeding to get a good shot of them.  They kneel on their knees to eat.

Baboons are all along the Nile.  There have been problems in some remote area villages where the baboons come and kill the children when they are out. 

Giraffe and Cape Buffalo together

Giraffe and Impala together

Sister Squire and I had the chance to speak in Sacrament Meeting this past week and what a blessing to prepare and learn from Prophets, Seers and Revelators.  I hope as you find joy and also struggle with your daily life you will remember this from President Monson: "We were not placed on this earth to walk alone.  What an amazing source of power, of strength, and of comfort is available to each of us.  He who know us better than we know ourselves, He who sees the larger picture and who knows the end from the beginning, has assured us that He will be there for us to provide help if we but ask."  D&C 90:24: Pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good, if ye walk uprightly and remember the covenant wherewith ye have covenanted one with another.

Hope you all remember to have a safe summer. 


  1. Wow! Those pictures are amazing. It makes me so excited to come!

    1. Yes, bring your gun! Everyone relax, it would be a camera gun :)

  2. The kids loved the animal pics :)